Business Owners


Business ownership is an around-the-clock obligation, and delivering the best products/services daily leaves little time for medium to longer-term strategic planning.  You have drive and expertise, but perhaps not the kind needed to resolve the myriad financial complexities created by your business.

At Carmel Capital Management, our three decades of experience in the areas of corporate finance, strategy, operations and management uniquely positions us to assist you in devising solutions for all aspects of your business.  How are you positioning or differentiating your product/service versus the competition’s?  How do your gross margins and SG&A compare to national averages in your specialty?  Are you meeting your bottom-line expectations?

Our analysis of your business holdings incorporates risk assessment, alternative investment valuations (real estate, private company, stock options, etc.) and after-tax consequences.  We will help you prepare for unexpected situations, adjust for short and longer-term income orientations and protect those areas where personal and professional finances overlap.  Carmel Capital Management L.L.C. can provide an unbiased perspective of your operations and their effectiveness, so you can focus on what you do best.