Many of our clients aspire to give back to their communities and make a difference in the lives of others, but aren’t sure where to begin.  Clients want their gift to have a direct, specific and measurable benefit, not go toward administrative costs, executive compensation, overhead or marketing.  The inherent challenge in charitable giving is not the great need that exists, but the great number of charities and nonprofits trying to help meet it.  At Carmel Capital Management L.L.C., our in-depth vetting practices maximize the impact of charitable giving and its benefit to our clients.

We diligently investigate the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s charity or foundation of choice, because an organization fulfilling its mission is one that makes the most of every penny.  We insist on transparency and accountability, obtaining and actively scrutinizing documentation of non-profit status, policies, procedures, and current and past Form 990 filings.  When an organization meets our high-level criteria for operational efficiency, sustainability and dollar-for-dollar productivity, gifts are fully customized to the client’s stipulations; we coordinate with donee(s) on behalf of our client in name or, if desired, anonymously.  Further, we liaise with the organization to ensure our client’s donation is used for its intended purpose.

Carmel Capital Management L.L.C.’s employees support many local charities and foundations.  Whether serving on the Board, donating funds or time, or intervening to help a struggling nonprofit develop long-term sustainability, we hold that the best investment anyone can make is an investment in the greater good.